You Can Save Hundreds on Your Beach Wedding Reception

Four affordable beach wedding reception choices

Having a beach wedding reception is a unique way to celebrate a wedding! Many folks who opt for a beach wedding ceremony still opt for an indoor evening reception — but it is possible to have a beach wedding reception, too. AND you can save hundreds of dollars if you choose one of these beach wedding reception venues:

DID YOU KNOW … that the custom of tying shoes to the wedding couple’s car bumper stems way back to Ancient Egypt? A father would give the groom his daughter’s sandal, marking that an exchange had taken place. Since shoes were considered a phallic symbol, it was also thought to promote fertility for the newlyweds, and later shoes were tied to the getaway car.

1. A public (federal or state) park or nature reserve. Many public parks have picnic shelters or overhangs that you can book or reserve to hold a special event — and in many cases, these shelters are free, or available for a nominal fee. Some of them may even include cooking facilities.

2. Poolside. If you have a small wedding at the shore, can you book the poolside in your hotel or resort for an intimate but informal reception area?

3. There are churches all over the country, big and small, that are on a beach, or across the road from the beach. If you book your wedding in a beach-side church, you can probably book your reception there, too – sometimes at no extra cost.

4. Charter a boat to take your guests on a cruise. There are many affordable ‘sunset cruise’ charter boats in almost any community that has a harbor. You can often opt for the full ‘sunset dinner’ option, or choose just a ‘dessert and coffee’ cruise — or just a cruise without the food option. Some of these companies are nicknamed ‘booze cruises’ because they even specialize in evening party gatherings, or beach wedding receptions!

5. Are there volleyball courts or tennis courts at the beach? Sometimes these courts are available to the public at no charge, but you may have to book them in advance.

If you want to have a unique but affordable beach wedding reception, get creative and check out some of these options! Or … use your imagination to see what other beach wedding reception possibilities might be available!