Will You Wear Beach Wedding Shoes?

Beach Wedding Shoes… or None?

Beach wedding shoes, for obvious reasons, are not the same as the shoes you’d wear for an indoor wedding. Yet, there are still lots of choices!


There are two main things to consider, when it comes to beach wedding shoes, not necessarily in this order: 😉

1. Elegance. You don’t need to be wearing a 4″ spike heel to look elegant on your wedding day, honest! There are many, many styles of shoes that are flat, or have very little heel, that would still look spectacular – you may need to spend a bit of time looking, comparing and shopping, but there are lots of choices of beach wedding shoes that look GREAT, though flat!

2. Safety. You DON’T want to make a trip to a hospital emergency room on your wedding day, so whatever you decide on for beach wedding shoes need to be safe! Having a beach wedding probably means you’ll be negotiating some uneven or rough terrain – and even the softness of sand can cause problems if you aren’t wearing safe footware.

These two things — elegance and safety — need to go hand-in-hand when you are choosing beach wedding shoes. And not just for the bride, either! The whole wedding party needs to take safety into consideration – and so will your guests.

So … don’t hesitate to choose beach wedding shoes that are flat. You won’t be sorry!


Many couples opt to go completely barefoot, rather than wear ANY beach wedding shoes! And why not? If it’s warm and dry and safe, going barefoot is definitely a beach wedding option for lots of people!

But some brides want to compromise, and now it’s possible to do that by wearing what’s called ‘foot jewelry.’ Technically, you are not wearing any beach wedding shoes, but foot jewelry looks like the top of a sandal, so it LOOKS like you are. And there’s no question that foot jewelry is elegant — it’s often made with Austrian crystal beads or beautiful colored glass options.

To find out more about foot jewelry as an option for beach wedding shoes, do an online search!