Weddings on the Beach: The Latest Trends

Weddings on the beach: fun, fast, informal

Weddings on the beach are the latest in the trend toward less expensive, but romantic and fun wedding alternatives. Besides, there’s thousands of miles of coastline – hence, beaches – in North America, so why not? Weddings on the beach appeal to anyone who feels a ‘connection’ to the coast in any way — you might be a scuba diver or a boater, for example, or you just love beaches!


If you think that weddings on the beach are a great idea, and you want to plan YOURS, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide how formal or informal you’d like your special day to be. That will help you decide which beach you want your wedding to be on, because not all weddings on the beach are the same. You might like the romantic idea of saying your vows on an intimate, deserted beach at sunset — or you might really like the idea of just having a great, big beach party.

Weddings on the beach lend themselves to informality, in general, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a full formal ceremony. Lots of couples have had very formal weddings on the beach! As long as you have enough space for your guests to be comfortable, and the beach is reasonably accessible for you, the wedding party and your guests, there’s no reason not to plan a fully formal occasion.

On the other hand, if you want an informal ‘barefoot’ or party atmosphere, weddings on the beach are perfect for that kind of celebration.


Weddings on the beach generally don’t take quite as long to plan as indoor weddings, but you’ll still want to give yourself several months lead time. You usually don’t have to pay for the use of a beach (even if it’s part of a formal park, the fees are generally minimal), but you may need to book it in advance, particularly if it has amenities like a shelter or picnic area.

Other than booking the spot, the next biggest concern with planning weddings on the beach is to make sure that all the services you’ll need are available, and mobile, so that they can come to you.

Finally, make sure your guests get a map and directions along with their invitation, so everyone can easily find the spot.

Weddings on the beach – fun, fast, and informal OR formal – are a wonderful idea!