The Six Ways Beach Wedding Planning is Unique

Beach wedding planning is not the same as wedding planning

In some ways, beach wedding planning is exactly the same as indoor wedding planning – you still need to choose a venue, get a minister, not forget your marriage license, and decide what to do about invitations, catering, and photography. But in many other important ways, beach wedding planning is unique.


When you are planning an indoor wedding, you never need to worry about these things:

1. The tide, and whether it will be incoming or outgoing. If you are having a shore-side wedding, tide is everything! 😉

2. The weather in general. Oh, sure, it’s always nice to have a warm, sunny day for the biggest day of your life – but it’s not really necessary, if you’re actually getting married in an indoor venue such as a community hall, a church or a conference center. But when you are beach wedding planning, the weather becomes one of the most important considerations.

Having said that, of course, there isn’t much you can do about the weather … except have an alternative to your beach wedding plan.

3. Outdoor photography — it’s completely different than indoor.

4. The public. Beach wedding planning generally means that you’ll need to be dealing with the public – most beaches are public property, so you may very well be sharing the space with total strangers. When you are beach wedding planning, you need to know in advance how you’ll deal with that!

5. Food arrangements. More care needs to be taken with food when you are beach wedding planning – how will you handle refrigeration?

6. Accessibility. Accessibility becomes more of an issue when you are beach wedding planning, because of potentially uneven or difficult terrain – there are no elevators or gently sloping ramps at a beach. 😉 Will there be a lot of elderly folks attending? How will you make your beach wedding venue accessible to everyone?

Even though there are special considerations when you are beach wedding planning compared to having a traditional indoor wedding … if what you’ve always dreamed of is a beach wedding, then ‘You go, girl!’