Don’t Make These Beach Wedding Mistakes

6 beach wedding mistakes to avoid

Having a beach wedding is one of the most romantic dreams that many brides have these days – and, in many ways, planning for a beach wedding can be quite simple compared to more formal wedding events.

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Five Beach Theme Weddings to Choose From

Choose from the best beach theme weddings

Beach theme weddings are really popular these days … and why not? Who doesn’t love the beach?

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Have Fun Making Your Own Beach Wedding Invitations

5 beach wedding invitations to make

Beach wedding invitations can be great fun, and very creative, to make yourself! With the miracles of modern technology, you don’t have to be a professional artist or photographer to make your own beach wedding invitations. Your beach wedding invitations can be as unique as you are, and as unique as your beach wedding will be – all you need is a computer, and an imagination!

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Choosing Beach Wedding Attire That Works

Beach wedding attire choices for the entire wedding party

Your beach wedding attire may or may not be any different than if you were getting married anywhere else – what you choose for beach wedding attire has more to do with your personal taste and style than anything else.

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Beach Themed Weddings are Popular – Even if They Aren’t at a Beach

The best beach themed weddings may not be at a beach

Beach themed weddings are very popular these days – even if they aren’t at a beach. Beach-themed weddings are for anyone who loves the beach, whether they live near one or not! In fact, many people who plan beach themed weddings do so mainly because they DON’T live near a beach. What better way, if you love the beach, to bring the beach inland to you? Don’t let a little thing like being land-locked stop you from considering beach themed weddings!

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Beach Wedding dresses: From Barefoot to Bridal

Beach wedding dresses: choose the right style for YOU

Beach wedding dresses really run the gamut from mini-skirts to full-formal-with-30′-train … just like wedding dresses that are only worn in churches, pretty much!

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Beach Wedding Decorations – For Everybody AND Every Budget

Five types of beach wedding decorations – something for every taste

Beach wedding decorations are a MUST for a beach wedding – but they can also be used for a beach-themed wedding. In fact, beach wedding decorations are a popular choice – even miles from the nearest beach!

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Beach Wedding Ceremony Music: Having the Best of all Worlds

Five tips to choose the best beach wedding ceremony music

Choosing your beach wedding ceremony music is one of the first things you’ll need to do after you set the date and start planning your beach wedding ceremony. Music for a beach wedding can be pretty much anything you want it to be – I know of a wedding that had a live band set up to play their beach wedding ceremony music, and I’ve been to a wedding that had a lone flutist playing in the background.

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Make Your Beach Wedding Ceremony Your Own

5 ways to make your beach wedding ceremony unique to you!

Having a beach wedding ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to be completely unique and creative – if you want to get married in a non-traditional way, a beach wedding ceremony is one of the most romantic ways to do it!

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Beach Wedding Ceremonies: Unique Yet Traditional

… and which beach wedding ceremonies will work for the two of YOU

Beach wedding ceremonies are the ultimate in unique – what finer backdrop than waves lapping on the shore, a lighthouse standing sentinel in the distance, or a pink-hued sunset on the horizon over the water?

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