All the Best Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach Wedding Ideas to Suit Every Bride

Are you looking for beach wedding ideas? Getting married on a beach is a wonderfully romantic way to start your new life together, that’s for sure! But you’re a bride … that doesn’t necessarily mean you know anything about beach wedding ideas!

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Beach Wedding Favors: Stick With the Theme

How to pick the perfect themed beach wedding favors

Beach wedding favors are as many and varied as traditional wedding favors – but they are way more fun. 😉

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Beach Wedding Etiquette: Not So Formal

How to – and what to – do about beach wedding etiquette

Beach wedding etiquette is an interesting topic to explore, because beach weddings are a fairly modern addition to marriage choices. In many ways, beach wedding etiquette can follow all of the age-old traditions — for example, in regard to seating arrangements, and customs like ‘something old, something new…,’ there may be no need to change anything.

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Is There A Jersey Shore Beach Wedding in Your Future?

A Jersey shore beach wedding: 5 venues to choose from

Planning a Jersey shore beach wedding? There are literally hundreds of options to choose from! Here are 5 general Jersey shore beach wedding venues to consider:

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A Hawaii Beach Wedding: From Fantasy to Reality

Have the Hawaii beach wedding of your dreams

Having a Hawaii beach wedding is probably the ultimate romantic fantasy of thousands of brides-to-be — and why not? A tropical Island paradise with unparalleled beauty, Hawaii has been a hugely popular wedding destination for a long time!

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California Beach Weddings: The Original Role Models

California beach weddings set the tone

California beach weddings have a long history – maybe because Californians have always prided themselves on being ‘front-runners’ when it comes to doing things non-traditionally, or maybe it’s simply because there’s so many miles of exquisite beaches to choose from!

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How to Choose a Beach Wedding Venue

Selecting a beach wedding venue: four things to consider

Finding a beach wedding venue, once you’ve decided that you want to get married on a beach, is not always an easy task – even though there are literally thousands of choices!

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Beach Wedding Photography: How is it Different?

How to Do the Best Beach Wedding Photography

If your beach wedding photography is being taken care of by one of those kazillion dollar an hour specialty wedding photographers … read no further, because you won’t need to worry about this. But if you’re like the rest of us, on a budget and needing to have friends or family do your beach wedding photography — then you need to know that it’s a bit different than ordinary wedding photography.

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How to Choose Among Beach Wedding Packages

Four things to expect in beach wedding packages – and how to negotiate for them

Beach wedding packages are becoming as popular as beach weddings! Many travel agencies, resorts and even wedding planning professionals are offering a variety of individual services as ‘package deals’ now – but wading through the marketing hype, interpreting what is and what isn’t included, and making sensible decisions about beach wedding packages is not easy.

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Save Big Bucks on Your Beach Wedding Accessories

Finding bargain beach wedding accessories

Beach wedding accessories are a great addition to a beach wedding, or to a beach themed wedding – and beach wedding accessories may be as close as your nearest beach. In other words, they don’t necessarily need to cost you an arm and a leg!

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