Is There A Jersey Shore Beach Wedding in Your Future?

A Jersey shore beach wedding: 5 venues to choose from

Planning a Jersey shore beach wedding? There are literally hundreds of options to choose from! Here are 5 general Jersey shore beach wedding venues to consider:


1. National Parks and Monuments – there are several public national parks and monuments where an outdoor Jersey shore beach wedding could take place – and many of them have no fees. Search for sites on the Internet, and track down more information about your choices before you make a final choice. There always seems to be things going on: temporary closures, other events, etc., so you may have to book months in advance.

DID YOU KNOW: A lot of today’s popular wedding ceremony traditions can be traced to ancient Egyptian and European customs. Most of them were based on symbolism, superstition, folklore, and religion, including the early belief that evil spirits could bring disease and death to newlyweds and crops!

2. Historic Sites – as with national parks, there are beautiful historic sites in Jersey, any of which would make a wonderful Jersey shore beach wedding. Again, do your homework first!

3. Rivers – although not technically the ‘shore,’ the Delaware and the Hudson River both run through the state, and there are parks and conservation areas set aside all along them. Some of those would make terrific wedding venues.

4. The coast itself – the coastline stretches 127 miles, from Sandy Hook to Cape May, and there are an abundance of Jersey shore beach wedding venues to choose from.

5. At a lighthouse – there are more than 30 lighthouses in New Jersey (including Sandy Hook, the oldest operating lighthouse in the country), and many of them would be fabulous ‘backdrops’ for a Jersey shore beach wedding. Some of the lighthouses have an entrance fee, and many of them have restrictive entrance times, so again, research the possibility of having a Jersey shore beach wedding at a lighthouse ahead of time. There may be a lot of detailed planning involved, but it will probably be worth it!