Are These Common 'Facts' About Beach Wedding True or False?

Beach weddings are only for beach 'bums' - you can't do a class act on a beach, can you? Aren't beach wedding packages all a bunch of scams? And where ARE the best beach wedding beaches, anyway?

These are just a few of the questions we answer here -- and you'll discover that much of what you think you know about beach weddings is simply not true.

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi! I'm Savvy Sarah, the beach wedding specialist -- and it's a pleasure to bring you the real answers to the most common myths about beach weddings.

As an event planner myself, I personally had an amazing beach wedding myself a few years ago - but it was only after I'd searched and searched, to no avail, for decent information about beach weddings.

They just weren't DONE then like they are now!

I discovered very quickly that there wasn't much FACTUAL information around about beach weddings... just a lot of myths, and a lot of hype.

So after I got back from my beach wedding and honeymoon (in one of the 5 most amazing places on the planet to have a beach wedding - which you'll find out for yourself if you read on!) I decided to specialize, in my business, in beach weddings.

I wanted every bride who dreamed of having a once-in-a-lifetime dream beach wedding have her dreams come true, and I knew I could help!

But there's still a lot of myths -- and a lot of hype -- around beach weddings, and I want to set the record straight, once and for all... so I created this site to give YOU all the best information about beach weddings.

Curious What Else You'll Find Here?

Well, for one thing, you WILL find out about the five best places on the planet to have a beach wedding. You'll also find out the best answers to the debate about beach wedding apparel, and the real answer to the question: can I have a full-on formal wedding on a beach? Plus much, much more!

Please have a look around -- your friends, family and wedding guests will thank you after they attend the best beach wedding ever! :)

You Can Save Hundreds on Your Beach Wedding Reception

Four affordable beach wedding reception choices

Having a beach wedding reception is a unique way to celebrate a wedding! Many folks who opt for a beach wedding ceremony still opt for an indoor evening reception -- but it is possible to have a beach wedding reception, too. AND you can save hundreds of dollars if you choose one of these beach wedding reception venues:

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The Six Ways Beach Wedding Planning is Unique

Beach wedding planning is not the same as wedding planning

In some ways, beach wedding planning is exactly the same as indoor wedding planning - you still need to choose a venue, get a minister, not forget your marriage license, and decide what to do about invitations, catering, and photography. But in many other important ways, beach wedding planning is unique.

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10 Tips for the Best Beach Wedding Photos

Beach Wedding Photos: Tips and Tricks

If your beach wedding photos are being shot by a professional photographer, that's great! But if you're like lots of wedding couples, your beach wedding photos will more likely be taken by a friend or family member, since a professional photographer is not in the budget.

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Weddings on the Beach: The Latest Trends

Weddings on the beach: fun, fast, informal

Weddings on the beach are the latest in the trend toward less expensive, but romantic and fun wedding alternatives. Besides, there's thousands of miles of coastline - hence, beaches - in North America, so why not? Weddings on the beach appeal to anyone who feels a 'connection' to the coast in any way -- you might be a scuba diver or a boater, for example, or you just love beaches!

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Dreaming of a Wedding on a Beach?

The romance of wedding on a beach

Having your wedding on a beach is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate the start of your life together! Hundreds of couples, every year, are choosing a wedding on a beach - why not you?

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Florida Beach Weddings: A Unique East Coast Experience

Florida beach weddings: the east coast choice

Florida beach weddings are becoming more and more popular as a destination of choice. From the Panhandle to Key West, from Miami to Tampa -- as well as all of the barrier islands -- Florida beach weddings can be a wonderfully unique romantic way to start your new life together.

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A Caribbean Beach Wedding: Is It For You?

What to expect at a Caribbean beach wedding

First of all, planning a Caribbean beach wedding means picking a more exact location before you plan anything else -- the Caribbean is huge, with everything from 'big city' beaches to uninhabited island beaches! Depending on your dreams, your desires -- and your budget - your Caribbean beach wedding can be almost anywhere you want it to be!

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