How to Choose Among Beach Wedding Packages

Four things to expect in beach wedding packages – and how to negotiate for them

Beach wedding packages are becoming as popular as beach weddings! Many travel agencies, resorts and even wedding planning professionals are offering a variety of individual services as ‘package deals’ now – but wading through the marketing hype, interpreting what is and what isn’t included, and making sensible decisions about beach wedding packages is not easy.


1. The first thing to look for in beach wedding packages is the total cost. If you can purchase the individual ‘components’ of the package for less than you’re going to spend on the package, then it’s no bargain, is it? Make sure, if you are checking out beach wedding packages, that the package IS actually a good deal.

2. Next, check out what’s included in the beach wedding package – or more accurately, look to see what’s NOT included. For example, if your accommodation and meals are included, and the price seems reasonable, BUT you’ll have to spend more than you normally would to fly to and from the destination, then is it worth it? Ask for, and don’t accept anything less than, an ‘all-inclusive’ package.

3. Think about what the most important elements of beach wedding packages are TO YOU, not to whoever is trying to sell them to you. If you are really envisioning being able to treat yourself to spa services in the morning before your ceremony, but the package you’re looking at doesn’t include that, it may not matter how wonderful the rest of the package is, after all!

4. Finally, look carefully through beach wedding packages for all the technical and practical information – for example, is there a money-back guarantee, do you have to sign a contract, is there an ‘opt-out’ clause, will you need to purchase additional insurance? These details can ‘make or break’ great beach wedding packages, so look them over verrrrryyy carefully.

The best beach wedding packages are a great idea, IF you get what you want – but that won’t happen if you don’t do your homework first, and then make sure you ask reasonable and informed questions, and be prepared to compromise. Many providers of beach wedding packages may be open to negotiating the details, but they have to know what’s important to you, and what you do — and DON’T — need.