How to Choose a Beach Wedding Venue

Selecting a beach wedding venue: four things to consider

Finding a beach wedding venue, once you’ve decided that you want to get married on a beach, is not always an easy task – even though there are literally thousands of choices!


Part of the problem about choosing a beach wedding venue is exactly that — there are so many choices! Somehow, you have to narrow down the options in order to choose the perfect beach wedding venue for YOU. Here are four things to consider about any beach wedding venue to help you through the ‘process of elimination’:

1. Does it have a special meaning to you … either as individuals, or as a couple? Even if the beach wedding venue you love the most is halfway around the world, it’s YOUR day, and if it has special meaning to you, that’s pretty important – you’re creating memories to last a lifetime!

2. Is it accessible? That doesn’t necessarily mean ‘public’ or ‘handy’ – because you might actually want to get married at a beach wedding venue that’s in an isolated nook miles from anywhere! But what it does mean is … can everyone get there somehow? And once they’re there, can they make their way around in whatever way they need to?

3. Are services available? In other words, you have to know that not just your guests can get there comfortably. Can a caterer, photographer, and MINISTER get there comfortably, too?

4. Finally, is it within your budget? Not that the beach wedding venue will cost you anything, because most of them are free to use, but … if the beach you love really IS halfway around the world, can you afford to get you and your wedding party there? Will your guests be able to get there? Is there affordable accommodation for everyone?

Choosing a beach wedding venue might be one of the most difficult things you’ll need to know after you’ve set a date for your ceremony – but it will also be one of the most rewarding, when you know you’ve chosen the perfect one for you. And having the perfect beach wedding venue for you also means that all the rest of your wedding planning will fall into place, too!