Have Fun Making Your Own Beach Wedding Invitations

5 beach wedding invitations to make

Beach wedding invitations can be great fun, and very creative, to make yourself! With the miracles of modern technology, you don’t have to be a professional artist or photographer to make your own beach wedding invitations. Your beach wedding invitations can be as unique as you are, and as unique as your beach wedding will be – all you need is a computer, and an imagination!


1. Take a few photos of the beach where your wedding will take place, and use your favorite one for either the front of the invitation card, or printed onto the ‘background’ of the inside – with the text ‘overlaid’ on the photo.

2. Using an ordinary glue stick, draw a ‘swath’ across the front of the beach wedding invitation, and sprinkle fine sand on it. Use calligraphy to write words ‘around’ the swath of sand. This creates a simple, yet wonderfully effective, design on the front of your beach wedding invitations.

3. Check with your local printer to see about embossing – you can still choose the paper and do the lettering yourself (by hand, or using a script or calligraphy font on your computer), but you may be able to buy a ‘stamp’ or get an embossed design of an anchor, for example, or a beach umbrella or a sailboat.

4. Make your own recycled paper ‘from scratch’, and include bits of tropical greenery in the pulp for a tropical wedding theme. Glue in a professionally printed insert with the details.

5. Look at your local stationery store for ‘specialty’ paper – you can probably find something that already has your wedding theme idea pre-printed, whether it is seashells in the background, or a stylized anchor graphic, for example. Incorporate a collage of photos of the two of you on your favorite beach – sitting in beach chairs, or under a beach umbrella, swimming in the water, or sailing off into the sunset.

There are probably dozens of ways you can make your own beach wedding invitations – that will still look like you paid a professional printer a small fortune for them. Have fun, get creative, and ‘get personal!’