Florida Beach Weddings: A Unique East Coast Experience

Florida beach weddings: the east coast choice

Florida beach weddings are becoming more and more popular as a destination of choice. From the Panhandle to Key West, from Miami to Tampa — as well as all of the barrier islands — Florida beach weddings can be a wonderfully unique romantic way to start your new life together.


Planning Florida beach weddings means having to make a whole lot of decisions, however. Here are several things you’ll need to think about if there’s a Florida beach wedding in your future:

1. East or west — Florida has 1800 miles of shoreline stretching from Pensacola in the Gulf of Mexico to the west, to Amelia Island on the open Atlantic Ocean in the north-east. Each side of the State has differences – different weather patterns, cultural differences, and different beaches. The west side, known as the ‘Gold Coast,’ has beautiful white sand beaches, warm breezes and warm Gulf coast waters. Miami and Ft. Lauderdale have all the amenities of any big city, potentially ‘wilder’ beaches facing the Atlantic, AND they are also jumping off points for a Caribbean cruise ship honeymoon, too! The south-facing Key West area is very nautical, with lots of marinas and boating life – you can even have an underwater wedding!

Florida beach weddings run the gamut – based on all of these factors, what ‘flavor’ do you want?

2. Urban or rural — from big cities like Naples and Miami to rural swampland, state and federal park territories and ecological reserves, the beaches of Florida span every conceivable option. If you want open spaces, tropical plants, expansive sunsets and exotic wildlife, you’ll choose a different location than if you want a live band, fabulous resort accommodations, a spa experience or a sit-down catered dinner. From historic country estate homes and monasteries surrounded by swaying palm trees, to vibrant, colorful downtown convention centers, Florida has it all!

Some of the most popular spots for Florida beach weddings include the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Key West and St. Petersburg.

Whether you want a hushed sunset ceremony on a secluded, natural beach, or a lavish, extravagant state-of-the-art celebration in the heart of the city, Florida beach weddings offer the best of all possible worlds — good luck deciding!