Five Beach Theme Weddings to Choose From

Choose from the best beach theme weddings

Beach theme weddings are really popular these days … and why not? Who doesn’t love the beach?

There’s so many different and unique ways for beach theme weddings to work beautifully! Here are five beach theme weddings to choose from — or at least to give you some ideas so that you can create your own beach theme wedding!

Five Beach Theme Weddings

1. ‘Sand and Surf.’ Just by focusing on the sand and surf, you can create dozens of different beach theme weddings — from an informal ‘beach party’ to a ‘sands of time’ romantic theme, using the sand and surf as your central idea will give you a unique beach theme wedding.

2. If you or your partner, or both of you, love beach-related animals (or are concerned about their future and want to make a social statement as party of your vows), you can create a ‘creature’ theme – orcas, dolphins and even starfish are great romantic symbols for these beach theme weddings.

3. No matter where you live, location themes are great for beach theme weddings – you can plan a fantasy ‘Hawaiian’ wedding, or California, or Florida, for example – each fantasy location would lend itself to different accessories and decorations, and make your day truly unique!

4. Be a ‘princess’ in a sand castle wonderland – no matter where you are. And, of course, you’re marrying Prince Charming! If you live near a real beach, you can enlist the help of family and friends to build real sand castles in advance, and use them as a back-drop for your ceremony. (I know of one couple who built a complete sand castle facade in front of some scaffolding – and got married ‘looking out the upper window’ of their sandcastle, with the beach in the background).

5. If you are both boaters, have a general nautical theme – dress informally in navies and whites (with gold accessories), use anchor graphics for everything from invitations to place cards — and sail off into the sunset for a glorious honeymoon when the day is over!

Remember that you don’t necessarily need to live anywhere near a beach to consider beach theme weddings – you’re only limited by your imagination. You just need to love the beach, or some aspect of it – and then use that aspect to create any number of imaginative beach theme weddings.

You’re bound to find the perfect beach theme wedding just for YOU!