Dreaming of a Wedding on a Beach?

The romance of wedding on a beach

Having your wedding on a beach is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate the start of your life together! Hundreds of couples, every year, are choosing a wedding on a beach – why not you?

What’s involved with having a wedding on a beach, you ask? Not much!

First of all, most beaches are public property, so most of them don’t even have a fee using them for a wedding on the beach. Check out all your favorite beaches nearby, and see what you can find out — they may be locally controlled, or part of a state or federal park or reserve.

The next thing you need to do if you want a wedding on a beach is to check with all of the wedding service providers in your area. Is the photographer willing to spend the day at a wedding on a beach? Can you find a caterer who will bring food to your wedding on a beach? If you can round up all the services you’ll need, and they’ve all done weddings on beaches before, that’s great!

Oh, and don’t forget the minister, or justice of the peace. Some of them have extra rules about doing a wedding on a beach, or they may have distance restrictions – or they can and will do a wedding on a beach, but they’ll charge you extra.

Next, you’ll need to take a look at your guest list, and make sure that your wedding on a beach is accessible to all your friends and family. Can they all get there, and once there, will they be comfortable? Or… what can you do to make them comfortable?

There’s really only one more thing that matters when you are planning a wedding on a beach — the weather. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing you personally have no control over … so cross your fingers, say a prayer, try to live right …. and who knows? The sun will no doubt shine down on your wedding on a beach, and it will be all you ever dreamed it would be!