Don’t Make These Beach Wedding Mistakes

6 beach wedding mistakes to avoid

Having a beach wedding is one of the most romantic dreams that many brides have these days – and, in many ways, planning for a beach wedding can be quite simple compared to more formal wedding events.


However, there are many beach wedding mistakes you’ll want to avoid! Here are 6 of the most potentially disastrous ones:

1. Not planning according to the tides. If your beach wedding is at the seashore, make sure you check out current and accurate tide tables for your location. You’d hate to have your sand castle decorations swept away by the incoming waters (or conversely, having to make your guests walk an extra quarter-mile just to get to the water’s edge)!

2. Not having a contingency plan. Having a beach wedding is a great idea – unless, of course, it rains on your wedding day. But your beach wedding can still be a big hit if you plan ahead – have tents or umbrellas set up ‘just in case,’ or have an alternative location planned if the weather turns ugly at the last minute.

3. Going over-budget. Many brides seem to think that having a beach wedding will be far less expensive than having a more formal, indoor wedding. Well, that may or may not be true – and many brides have been lulled into a ‘false economy’ and ended up way over-budgeted for what they thought would be an inexpensive wedding. Plan all of your budget items very carefully, and don’t assume that just because you’re having a beach wedding, it’ll be a cheap one.

4. Forgetting to tell your guests the details about the terrain so that they can dress accordingly, and take handicaps into account. Whether it’s choosing to wear flat-soled shoes instead of heels, or remembering to rent a wheelchair for Aunt Mary so she won’t have to walk over slippery rocks, your guests need to know if there’s anything unusual to take into account in order to be at your beach wedding. They’ll appreciate knowing that you thought of their comfort while you were planning your beach wedding!

5. Electrical problems. Having a beach wedding means not necessarily having anywhere to ‘plug in’ – which is fine if you’ve prepared for that, but not so good if you also ordered a catered dinner or a DJ! Make sure you understand your specific electrical requirements months in advance, and have the resources to fulfill them – whether that means renting a generator or having extra extension cords on hand, you’ll need to be prepared.