Choosing Beach Wedding Attire That Works

Beach wedding attire choices for the entire wedding party

Your beach wedding attire may or may not be any different than if you were getting married anywhere else – what you choose for beach wedding attire has more to do with your personal taste and style than anything else.

FUN FACT: In 2004, Americans spent $80 BILLION on weddings — 2,144,000 weddings, to be exact.


Beach wedding attire, whether you are having a formal or informal beach wedding, also needs to be practical – for example, even if you are having a formal wedding on the beach, the bride and bridesmaids probably shouldn’t plan to wear high heels – they just don’t ‘work’ on a beach!

Another practical consideration about beach wedding attire is the weather – presumably, if you are getting married on a beach, chances are that the weather will be hot. So, again, even if you want a formal wedding on the beach, you might want to choose fabrics for your dress that are lightweight – and not have yards and yards of it!


By ‘light,’ I mean that it should not be ‘dark’ or ‘heavy.’ Generally speaking, beach wedding attire should be light-colored – whites, beiges, and pastels – although black tuxes for the guys works on a beach, too. Beach wedding attire for the whole party should be lightweight, too.

I already mentioned the bride’s and bridesmaid’s shoes, particularly for a formal wedding. But footwear for the whole wedding party can run the gamut from very formal to barefoot – again, it’s a matter of personal style and taste. And, for practical purposes, it depends on the terrain, too.


Even for a formal wedding on the beach, there’s no need for a lot of extra ‘frills.’ For example, the women in the wedding party needn’t wear gloves – but they could (and probably should) wear hats. Accessories might include things like ankle bracelets instead of fancy necklaces. “Less is more” when it comes to beach wedding attire that works.