California Beach Weddings: The Original Role Models

California beach weddings set the tone

California beach weddings have a long history – maybe because Californians have always prided themselves on being ‘front-runners’ when it comes to doing things non-traditionally, or maybe it’s simply because there’s so many miles of exquisite beaches to choose from!


The variety of California beach weddings is huge, too – you can choose from launching a Disneyland-based extravaganza to exchanging vows at the base of an isolated, fog-shrouded lighthouse, from a rambling vineyard to a golf club overlooking the Pacific. There is every kind of venue, for everyone and every budget.

If you are a history buff, California has more than its share of historic sites that make wonderful wedding venues, too. California beach weddings can take place anywhere from Crescent City in Northern California to the hustle and bustle of historic San Francisco; from Monterrey to San Diego in the south. The variety of possible California beach weddings sets the tone for beach weddings anywhere!


1. If you don’t live in California, make sure you make arrangements to get your wedding license in advance. This is too important to mess up! 🙂

2. Most beaches are open to the public and have no fee attached to their use; that’s also true for California state parks.

3. If you want to get married on a secluded or isolated beach, it’s entirely possible – but you’ll want to arrange boat transportation well in advance (especially if you need to get a whole wedding party and guests there!)

4. In Florida, for example, both coasts are crammed with hundreds of hotels, resorts, and condos all along the shoreline. On the other hand, California has over 1000 miles of Pacific coastline and less than 150 hotels and resorts that are actually on the beach, across from a beach, or on a bluff overlooking a beach. This means that if you are planning a large wedding, you need to do your homework before you finalize all your choices.

California beach weddings are popular, frequent and wonderfully romantic – just make sure you plan your wedding well, and well in advance.