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Florida Beach Weddings: A Unique East Coast Experience

Florida beach weddings: the east coast choice

Florida beach weddings are becoming more and more popular as a destination of choice. From the Panhandle to Key West, from Miami to Tampa — as well as all of the barrier islands — Florida beach weddings can be a wonderfully unique romantic way to start your new life together.

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A Caribbean Beach Wedding: Is It For You?

What to expect at a Caribbean beach wedding

First of all, planning a Caribbean beach wedding means picking a more exact location before you plan anything else — the Caribbean is huge, with everything from ‘big city’ beaches to uninhabited island beaches! Depending on your dreams, your desires — and your budget – your Caribbean beach wedding can be almost anywhere you want it to be!

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Is There A Jersey Shore Beach Wedding in Your Future?

A Jersey shore beach wedding: 5 venues to choose from

Planning a Jersey shore beach wedding? There are literally hundreds of options to choose from! Here are 5 general Jersey shore beach wedding venues to consider:

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A Hawaii Beach Wedding: From Fantasy to Reality

Have the Hawaii beach wedding of your dreams

Having a Hawaii beach wedding is probably the ultimate romantic fantasy of thousands of brides-to-be — and why not? A tropical Island paradise with unparalleled beauty, Hawaii has been a hugely popular wedding destination for a long time!

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California Beach Weddings: The Original Role Models

California beach weddings set the tone

California beach weddings have a long history – maybe because Californians have always prided themselves on being ‘front-runners’ when it comes to doing things non-traditionally, or maybe it’s simply because there’s so many miles of exquisite beaches to choose from!

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How to Choose a Beach Wedding Venue

Selecting a beach wedding venue: four things to consider

Finding a beach wedding venue, once you’ve decided that you want to get married on a beach, is not always an easy task – even though there are literally thousands of choices!

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