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You Can Save Hundreds on Your Beach Wedding Reception

Four affordable beach wedding reception choices

Having a beach wedding reception is a unique way to celebrate a wedding! Many folks who opt for a beach wedding ceremony still opt for an indoor evening reception — but it is possible to have a beach wedding reception, too. AND you can save hundreds of dollars if you choose one of these beach wedding reception venues:

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The Six Ways Beach Wedding Planning is Unique

Beach wedding planning is not the same as wedding planning

In some ways, beach wedding planning is exactly the same as indoor wedding planning – you still need to choose a venue, get a minister, not forget your marriage license, and decide what to do about invitations, catering, and photography. But in many other important ways, beach wedding planning is unique.

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Beach Weddings for Every Bride … and Every Budget

Beach weddings CAN be affordable

Beach weddings are sometimes not really beach weddings – they are held at posh resorts, spas and hotels on the water’s edge instead of on the beach, and they can often cost thousands and thousands of dollars! But if you’ve been dreaming of having a beach wedding, it doesn’t have to be done like that. . . many couples are opting for beach weddings that really ARE right on the beach.

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All the Best Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach Wedding Ideas to Suit Every Bride

Are you looking for beach wedding ideas? Getting married on a beach is a wonderfully romantic way to start your new life together, that’s for sure! But you’re a bride … that doesn’t necessarily mean you know anything about beach wedding ideas!

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How to Choose Among Beach Wedding Packages

Four things to expect in beach wedding packages – and how to negotiate for them

Beach wedding packages are becoming as popular as beach weddings! Many travel agencies, resorts and even wedding planning professionals are offering a variety of individual services as ‘package deals’ now – but wading through the marketing hype, interpreting what is and what isn’t included, and making sensible decisions about beach wedding packages is not easy.

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Don’t Make These Beach Wedding Mistakes

6 beach wedding mistakes to avoid

Having a beach wedding is one of the most romantic dreams that many brides have these days – and, in many ways, planning for a beach wedding can be quite simple compared to more formal wedding events.

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Five Beach Theme Weddings to Choose From

Choose from the best beach theme weddings

Beach theme weddings are really popular these days … and why not? Who doesn’t love the beach?

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Have Fun Making Your Own Beach Wedding Invitations

5 beach wedding invitations to make

Beach wedding invitations can be great fun, and very creative, to make yourself! With the miracles of modern technology, you don’t have to be a professional artist or photographer to make your own beach wedding invitations. Your beach wedding invitations can be as unique as you are, and as unique as your beach wedding will be – all you need is a computer, and an imagination!

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Beach Themed Weddings are Popular – Even if They Aren’t at a Beach

The best beach themed weddings may not be at a beach

Beach themed weddings are very popular these days – even if they aren’t at a beach. Beach-themed weddings are for anyone who loves the beach, whether they live near one or not! In fact, many people who plan beach themed weddings do so mainly because they DON’T live near a beach. What better way, if you love the beach, to bring the beach inland to you? Don’t let a little thing like being land-locked stop you from considering beach themed weddings!

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