Beach Weddings for Every Bride … and Every Budget

Beach weddings CAN be affordable

Beach weddings are sometimes not really beach weddings – they are held at posh resorts, spas and hotels on the water’s edge instead of on the beach, and they can often cost thousands and thousands of dollars! But if you’ve been dreaming of having a beach wedding, it doesn’t have to be done like that. . . many couples are opting for beach weddings that really ARE right on the beach.


The cool thing about most beaches is that they are public property — that means you own them. 😉 Or at least it means you can use them, quite often at no charge, for long enough to hold most beach weddings!

Let’s face it, most weddings are only about half an hour long — the actual ceremonies, that is. You can always hold the wedding reception — the big party with the big guest list — somewhere else, somewhere more accessible or public, if you like. But many couples who are dreaming about beach weddings just want a small gathering – family and a few friends – so why not hold it right ON the beach?

Many couples even go barefoot for their beach weddings – standing with their toes dipped into the water as they say their vows. Pretty romantic, don’t you think?

Beach weddings are unlike any other kind of wedding ceremony. Just by their very nature, they are bound to be informal and a bit spontaneous — even if they’ve been planned for months! But beach weddings also create the most amazing lifelong memories. I don’t think I’ve ever met a single couple who regretted having a beach wedding!

Of course, you can also have an affordable beach wedding if you opt for the hotel or resort that happens to be on a beach. Consider some of the alternatives, too – historic houses or bed and breakfasts, for example, might be less expensive than the newer ‘5-star’ spa resorts that are springing up all over the coast!

In any case, beach weddings don’t have to cost you a fortune – you can cut your costs by:

1. checking out beach wedding packages, which often give you flat-rate or special pricing
2. cutting down on the numbers – less people means more affordable beach weddings
3. using ‘in-house’ services, such as catering and photography, rather than hiring others to come in

Beach weddings aren’t for everyone, but if YOU want one, make it work for you!