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Beach Wedding Etiquette: Not So Formal

How to – and what to – do about beach wedding etiquette

Beach wedding etiquette is an interesting topic to explore, because beach weddings are a fairly modern addition to marriage choices. In many ways, beach wedding etiquette can follow all of the age-old traditions — for example, in regard to seating arrangements, and customs like ‘something old, something new…,’ there may be no need to change anything.

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Beach Wedding Ceremony Music: Having the Best of all Worlds

Five tips to choose the best beach wedding ceremony music

Choosing your beach wedding ceremony music is one of the first things you’ll need to do after you set the date and start planning your beach wedding ceremony. Music for a beach wedding can be pretty much anything you want it to be – I know of a wedding that had a live band set up to play their beach wedding ceremony music, and I’ve been to a wedding that had a lone flutist playing in the background.

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Make Your Beach Wedding Ceremony Your Own

5 ways to make your beach wedding ceremony unique to you!

Having a beach wedding ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to be completely unique and creative – if you want to get married in a non-traditional way, a beach wedding ceremony is one of the most romantic ways to do it!

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Beach Wedding Ceremonies: Unique Yet Traditional

… and which beach wedding ceremonies will work for the two of YOU

Beach wedding ceremonies are the ultimate in unique – what finer backdrop than waves lapping on the shore, a lighthouse standing sentinel in the distance, or a pink-hued sunset on the horizon over the water?

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