Beach Wedding Supplies: A Unique Checklist

All the beach wedding supplies you need on your list

A list of beach wedding supplies reads a little differently than a list of traditional wedding supplies — but it’s a good idea to have a list, regardless.


For one thing, the beach where your wedding will be held may be ‘off the beaten track,’ a little bay or nook that is tricky to get to, or not publicly accessible. In that case, your beach wedding supplies need to include things like a first aid kit!

The other important thing about a list of beach wedding supplies, if you are going away from the public, is that you don’t want to forget anything – it may not be possible to go back and retrieve items you need, in time!


Here is a list of beach wedding supplies you definitely DON’T want to forget:

Apparel for the whole wedding party
Written vows or poems to be read, etc.
Breath mints
Nail polish and file
Comb, brush
Hairspray, extra bobby pins
Ring pillow
Flower basket

In addition to those basics, there’s lots of beach wedding supplies that are particular to having a beach wedding. 😉

– For example, you may not need to worry about insect repellant when you’re having an indoor wedding.
– Likewise, you might want to have beach umbrellas (or some form of potential shelter) and windscreens.

– Covers for your food are essential – food has to be kept out of the sun. And away from seagulls. 🙂

– A non-emergency ’emergency kit’ – with safety pins, a sewing needle and thread, velcro strips, camera batteries, matches (for lighting candles) and elastic bands.

As you can see, having a list of beach wedding supplies is more important than a wedding supplies list if you were getting married indoors.