Beach Wedding Photography: How is it Different?

How to Do the Best Beach Wedding Photography

If your beach wedding photography is being taken care of by one of those kazillion dollar an hour specialty wedding photographers … read no further, because you won’t need to worry about this. But if you’re like the rest of us, on a budget and needing to have friends or family do your beach wedding photography — then you need to know that it’s a bit different than ordinary wedding photography.


1. It’s outdoors. I know that may seem obvious, but in the world of beach wedding photography, that makes a huge difference. Not only is there no need for flash, but the photographer needs to be aware of the different lighting and space requirements. Outdoor photography is an art that’s completely different than indoor.

2. Always make sure that the sun is behind the photographer, but off to a bit of an angle, UNLESS you specifically want a silhouette shot. This makes it more difficult for the photo subjects not to ‘squint,’ but the lighting quality will be vastly improved. If you DO want a silhouette shot or two (and those ARE pretty romantic, so plan on it!), the advice is just exactly the opposite – photos will need to be taken INTO the sun.

3. When it comes to beach wedding photography, be prepared to shoot probably twice as much film as you think you need – you’ll need to be ‘picky’ when the film is developed, and you’ll be amazed at how many pictures just are not the quality you hoped they’d be. You really only want to keep the very best photos of your beach wedding!

4. Even if you have to arrange for a beach wedding photography ‘crew,’ as opposed to just one person, begin the beach wedding photography at the very beginning of the day, and keep taking photos until the last person has left the beach! Take as many, and as varied, photos as you can – and at the end of the event, you’ll have an amazing photographic record ‘story’ of your entire special day in beach wedding photography form.

Beach weddings are wonderful, and beach wedding photography is not difficult – just different.