Beach Wedding dresses: From Barefoot to Bridal

Beach wedding dresses: choose the right style for YOU

Beach wedding dresses really run the gamut from mini-skirts to full-formal-with-30′-train … just like wedding dresses that are only worn in churches, pretty much!

HUMOR … “When you meet someone who can cook and do housework–don’t hesitate a minute–marry him.” Unknown


The main thing about beach wedding dresses is that it’s YOUR day – you need to be comfortable with whatever you choose. If you really want a fully formal wedding, but you’d also like it to take place on the nearest beach, then so be it – a formal wedding gown is exactly what you should look for when you go shopping for beach wedding dresses!

On the other hand, beach wedding dresses that are little more than bathing suit cover-ups are completely fashionable, too — especially if your beach wedding is in a tropical location or on a cruise ship, for example.

Whatever you decide about beach wedding dresses, the choice is simply a matter of personal taste and style — like so many other wedding planning decisions.

When you are looking at the range of possibilities for beach wedding dresses, take into consideration your maid of honor and/or bridesmaid’s styles and personalities, too. You may have to find a compromise for THEIR beach wedding dresses that works for them, yet still complements whatever beach wedding dress you’ve chosen for yourself.

The one factor that might influence your choice of beach wedding dresses is the one factor that you have the least control over – the weather. It’s a good idea to think ‘layered’ in some way, for yourself and your whole wedding party – that way, you’re prepared if it turns out to be a really hot day, OR if the wind comes up (as it often does on a beach)!

Enjoy looking at beach wedding dresses – and choosing the perfect one for YOU!