Beach Themed Weddings are Popular – Even if They Aren’t at a Beach

The best beach themed weddings may not be at a beach

Beach themed weddings are very popular these days – even if they aren’t at a beach. Beach-themed weddings are for anyone who loves the beach, whether they live near one or not! In fact, many people who plan beach themed weddings do so mainly because they DON’T live near a beach. What better way, if you love the beach, to bring the beach inland to you? Don’t let a little thing like being land-locked stop you from considering beach themed weddings!

Beach themed weddings can be created simply by adding beach themes to any — or all — parts of the event. You might include the beach theme in the invitations, in the ceremony itself, in beach themed wedding accessories, or in the decorations, for example. There are several ways to create beach themed weddings:

1. Think about the beach at sunrise, at the height of the day, and at sunset – each of these times will give you different approaches to beach-themed weddings. For example, if you want your wedding to be informal, like a ‘beach party,’ you’ll want to plan the ceremony for the height of the day. On the other hand, a sunset wedding is VERY romantic!

2. Another way to change your perspective for beach themed weddings is to decide whether you want to focus on the shore and the sand; the greenery and vegetation at the beach; the wildlife; or, finally, a general nautical theme – which may incorporate, but be different than, all of the other beach themed weddings.

3. Finally, there are lots of beach themed weddings that can be held anywhere – whether you have a diving theme, a ‘pirate’ theme, a campfire theme or a starfish theme, these ideas can be incorporated into the whole day in lots of different ways for any number of unique beach-themed weddings.

You don’t need to live at the ocean to pull off perfect beach-themed weddings – you can apply the theme ideas to a location near a lake, a river, or even a pond; to a waterfall (or water fountain!) or even to a backyard pool. You can even create beach themed weddings when there’s no water for miles – just use your imagination!