A Caribbean Beach Wedding: Is It For You?

What to expect at a Caribbean beach wedding

First of all, planning a Caribbean beach wedding means picking a more exact location before you plan anything else — the Caribbean is huge, with everything from ‘big city’ beaches to uninhabited island beaches! Depending on your dreams, your desires — and your budget – your Caribbean beach wedding can be almost anywhere you want it to be!

Another thing to consider when you plan your Caribbean beach wedding is whether or not you or your guests will need passports – the U.S. Virgin Islands are part of the Caribbean, but some parts of the Caribbean are NOT American, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

You could, of course, have a completely traditional North American wedding on a Caribbean shore, and many couples do just that … but wouldn’t it be fun to incorporate some Caribbean beach wedding traditions, too? There is a peculiar blend of African and European cultures there, found nowhere else in all the world, so your Caribbean wedding could have a ‘flavor’ all its own. Here are some Caribbean beach wedding customs to choose from:

1. The bride and groom generally walk together from one of their houses to wherever they are getting married, and onlookers gather along the walk to watch them (and comment on their apparel)!

2. Guests are generally invited by word-of-mouth rather than by formal written invitation – and if uninvited Islanders show up, the Island tradition is to welcome them, anyway!

3. There doesn’t need to be a best man or maid of honor at a Caribbean beach wedding — generally the bride’s parents accompany her.

4. A Caribbean beach wedding party is second to none, when it comes to major celebrations – it is usually held right on the beach, and goes on all night! Rum punch, steel drums and wedding gifts of home-made goods are part of the parcel.

5. Where else but at a Caribbean beach wedding would you find curried goat, spicy chicken jerky, fried plantains and conch fritters for a celebration dinner? You’d top off the feast with a traditional West Indian Rum Cake (locally called ‘Black Cake’), topped with cream cheese icing and decorated with fresh Island flowers.

Hey, mon, are you up for a Caribbean beach wedding?