10 Tips for the Best Beach Wedding Photos

Beach Wedding Photos: Tips and Tricks

If your beach wedding photos are being shot by a professional photographer, that’s great! But if you’re like lots of wedding couples, your beach wedding photos will more likely be taken by a friend or family member, since a professional photographer is not in the budget.


Beach wedding photos CAN turn out beautifully, though, without spending thousands of dollars, if you follow a few simple tips and tricks.

Prior to the wedding day, make a basic list of all the beach wedding photos throughout the day that you know for sure you’ll want your photographer to capture, as well as specific people: don’t forget the father of the bride, for example, or the newest baby in the extended family. Moments will include, at the least, the processional, exchanging rings, the moment of pronouncement, the kiss, signing the registry, and the exit.

1. Get as close as you can to the subjects (even with a zoom lens) – but not less than 4′ away, as your beach weddings photos will begin to blur at that point.

2. See the edge of your viewfinder as a picture frame, and then look at exactly what you’ve ‘framed’ to make sure there’s no hands ‘sticking out of’ heads, or other unwanted objects in your photo.

3. Turn the camera sideways to get vertical beach wedding photos frequently – you’d be amazed at how much more variety it gives you!

4. Always have DOUBLE the amount of film you think you’ll need available. 😉

5. Take a variety of shots, with a variety of people, over a span of time – the lighting changes from morning until evening, so each shot will be different.

6. Shoot a mixture of ‘posed’ and natural beach wedding photos throughout the day.

7. Be ready, and have the camera ready, at all times – you never know when a unique opportunity will come to capture an unplanned ‘moment.’

8. Keep the sun behind you as often as possible – this will result in less silhouettes and shadows around your subjects.

9. Instead of ‘centering’ every main subject in the viewfinder, use what professional photographers call the ‘rule of thirds:’ in your imagination, break the scene into 3 ‘sections’ from side to side, and from top to bottom, and ‘center’ the picture that way.

If you use these tips on your special day, your beach wedding photos will turn out just as if an expensive professional had taken them!